Louise Wilden

Around the world or closer to home. Travel, music, families & portraits. Enjoy looking at my work & if you need a photographer…….please give me a call!

Louise xx

  • Michelle & Simon Mathews
    Thanks so much - We have been so delighted that there's so many lovely pics - it's far exceeded our expectations.
  • Katherine Bartlett
    Thank you so much Louise, these photos are lovely - I showed them to some of the girls in our NCT group today and they thought they were great. We enjoyed having them taken, thank you for making it a fun experience - we love the feet photo!
  • Alex Chalke
    Louise, you have done a great job. Thank you so much. Anyone who needs a bloody fab photographer, have a look at L.A.Wilden Photography.
  • Tania Shirvell
    Louise is a superb photographer and I can highly recommend her services. I am so thrilled with the photographs she took of my son and my pets portrait.
  • Rebecca
    Just to say thanks again for the photos, I'm really pleased with the way they look on my dating page and it's given me the confidence to give it a go! I've already had some interest after 1 day compared to zero with my rubbish photos last time! I'll be recommending you.
  • Charlotte
    "Thanks again for this morning, you made it really easy and (a total surprise to me) I had trouble choosing the 5 images, as there were more I liked! Unheard of!"